Saimme haastateltua Yhdysvaltalaista Devonté Jonesia, joka tullaan näkemään Ahmojen DB:nä. Jones on pelannut pitkän uran koripalloa ja kokeili myöhemmin amerikkalaista jalkapalloa. Hänen mielestä koripallon tuoma pelisilmä välittyy hyvin myös jalkapallokentille ja vastustajien pelinrakentajien tulee miettiä kahdesti, kun heittävät laidalle, jossa hän on pelaamassa.


Tell us about yourself, who is Devonté Jones?


“I was born December 1st, 1994. I started playing sports at the age of 3. Basketball was

my first introduction into the competitive world of sports, so that became my true love. Throughout

middle school my athletic talent and skill sets were advanced for my age group so I always

competed against age groups 2 or 3 years older than me. I’ve always been gifted at multiple sports

due to my athleticism ability. At the age of 11, I started playing football (my dad’s main sport, his

senior year at K state as a WR he was preparing for the NFL and snapped his ACL ended his career)

and it just came so natural to me as my speed and IQ made the game seem easy to me at that age

level of play so I played for two years.”


“As I started high school, I had a mindset of playing just one sport to focus my time and

perfect my craft on that to get a good scholarship and try to have a future in the sport so I chose

my first love basketball. I played my first year at a D3 college because the head coach was a former

D1 coach and I wanted the knowledge and proper coaching to help me excel with me explosiveness

in jumping, speed and all-around fundamental skills. After that year I went to WKU D1 College as a

preferred walk on. That spring year WKUs football team was having walk on try-outs so I attended

and before getting the confirmation to attend a team practice, I left college to travel the world

before ending up here in Finland. After getting to Finland I ended up signing a basketball contract

in Tampere for my first year here in 2016. 2017 I moved to Helsinki and played for Espoo basket

and then I heard of football teams here and decided to give it a shot hints leading me here to the



What do you hope to bring to the Wolverines? (Your playstyle, mindset etc.)

“Last season was really a getting back into the game process for me, I wasn’t so sure

how I would do or what I could bring to the team on defensive since I hadn’t played in years but it

was an awesome first year and the game felt so natural and came easily to me. This season I plan on

being a lot more expressive, have more communication with my guys and just continuing to be a

dominant force of threat for the QB when throwing the ball to my side of the field. Looking to

continue my works and performance off last year and doing my part and whatever it takes to

help place the team in another great position like last year.”


How was your last season in the Wolverines and what are you expecting from

season 2019?”


“Last season was an incredible season I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better first

professional season than the one we had last year, no team could truly compete with us offensively

or defensively. Last season I wasn’t truly expecting much just wanted to try to come and contribute

with my talents, this year I have (as well as other people I’m sure) high expectations for us. I think

the talent we have this season is better than last season and talent and athleticism wise and I’m

expecting us to be right back in the same position as last year.”


Do you have anything to add? Greeting to the fans? This is also a good section to

tell us how does growing up with both basketball and football work with you.


“I hope the fans are just as excited for this season as we the players are, new league

and some new talent I think it adds more explosiveness to the team. Coming off a unbelieve season

last year the fan base was wild and this season I think it will be even wilder and more enjoyable for

the fans with us giving more entertainment for them with this team we have now.”


“Growing up playing basketball has definitely helped me with football. My basketball

skill sets are used all the time in football; footwork, read and reacting, IQ in seeing the field and so

many more. In the states playing multiple sports is a norm and I think every athlete should truly

play more than one sport ‘cause different sports require skills that can help you in not just one sport

but multiple.”



Helsinki Wolverines
Niko Rättö, Tiedottaja