Good afternoon Cedric , 3 – 0 thats a good way to start season. You still got a moves, i hope we will see you at ”Dancing whit the stars” after this season. Whats your secret ?
Yeah it’s good to have a 3-0 record going into the midsummer break. It’s good because anybody that is banged up it gives them time to heal their injuries. As far as dancing with the Stars go, I might have moves on the field but I’m not sure they’ll transfer well to the dance floor unless there are defenders there trying to tackle me. There is no secret to my moves it’s all reaction and just years of experience from playing football.

Now the team have midsummer brake, after that home game against Kuopio, what expectations you have of team Steelers?
Yes, we have the Steelers after the break and my expectations of Steelers is that they will come to play and we as wolverines know that as they got the best of us in the 1st division two seasons ago. I’m sure this will be a fun and exciting game and I’m looking forward to it.

Greetings to Wolverines fans ?
To all wolverine fans I thank you all for the support that you all have provided and I ask that you all continue to support us on our quest to winning the Maple bowl. Go wolverines!

Thank you Ced and see you at Brahenkenttä.

Kuva: Samppa Toivonen