Hej Robin and welcome to Wolverines family.

Who is Robin ?
My name is Robin Svallin and Im from Sweden, i am 27 years old and i have Played American football for 15 years and never missed a season.
I’m Playing offensive/Defensive lineman.

Why Wolverines ?
I got in contact with a friend of mine that plays for the wolverines and he told me that the team needed some help on the Line.
I had heard about the wolverines being a successful team over the years and a good organisation with some real talent on the team so I’m really excited to play along with these players.

Where and when you start playing football ?
I started playing football 2004 when I joined a friend of mine that was playing at the time.
I started playing for the Tyresö Royalcrowns in Stockholm, Where I have played most of my career.
Over the years I have been blessed with some really good coaches, both Swedish and American, they are the reason why I’m so successful today.

what kind a impact you bring on field ?
I will bring a lot of heat and energy on the field, I’m known for being a aggressive player.
I like to hit people and I know for a fact that the finish players do too, so it will probably be a good match up for me playing in the maple league.

Greetings to Wolverines fans ?
I wanna thank the players, coaches and organisation for giving the opportunity to play and help you get that championship.
And I hope to see a lot of wolverine fans at my first game against the saints, I promise it will be a good one!


Kuva: Marcus Vilson